Our Approach

We become invested in your divorce claims and resolution. In this way, our interests are precisely aligned with yours. We carefully analyze your case, and when we offer funding, we commit to an amount that is calculated to allow you to succeed in court and help meet your reasonable living expenses during this trying time.

We directly fund fees related to your divorce, including divorce attorney fees, fees for forensic accountants and fraud investigators, as well as lifestyle allowances. In return, we receive a reasonable percentage of your final divorce claims resolution.

We provide expertise and funding ability.

We are not a funding source that seeks to enable you to “get even” or to right past marital wrongs. Rather, we have the expertise and the funding ability to assist you in assembling or supplementing your divorce action, enabling you to achieve an equitable result.

Our process begins when you complete the confidential Funding Request Form either online or by phone, at 1-877-765-2252. If your case meets our funding criteria, we will schedule an in-person meeting. This meeting gives us both a chance to decide if we have the makings of a good relationship.

We become business partners.

When Balance Point invests funds in your case, we become invested in you, your well-being, and the favorable resolution of your divorce case. At our meeting, we will ask more detailed questions about your case. We also encourage you to ask us whatever questions you might have.

Next, our in-house investigators and third-party asset investigators will conduct an independent assessment of your marital assets and the location of these assets. They may also seek to uncover marital assets that might be unknown to you.

Using that information, we formulate a comprehensive funding proposal based on what you need to successfully litigate your case and achieve an equitable resolution.

We assign a case manager and provide support.

We assign each Balance Point contract a case manager to support you and your divorce professionals. We seek to bring the most effective resources to bear to uncover the necessary information to litigate your case and help with administrative tasks.

We allow you to recover and move on.

Experience has shown us that when both parties have equitable resources to press their divorce claims, a major incentive to drag out the process is removed. We believe our approach of leveling the playing field by providing comparable financial resources enables our clients to settle their divorce matters more quickly and fairly. With a fast, equitable resolution, you can recover more quickly and move on to the next phase of your life.

Our business resulted from personal experience and is grounded in the ultimate goal of obtaining a fair settlement for you.

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